All The Things…


I’m still here fighting.  The co-parent seems to be doing his very best to tear down anything I’m trying to do on my own.

The saddest part is that I don’t even care about him enough to hate him.  I simply want to move on and began my life as just me.

I have moved away (I’m officially a southern girl again!) from everything that was comfort for me.  I gave up my job, my home, custody of our youngest child…all the hard shit that needed to be done.  I did that shit like a THUG.  Tears were shed.  Pleadings to God were plentiful.

It has been hard…and painful…and joyful all at the same time.

I have invited happiness, fear, and love into my life.

My family has been my rock.  It’s where I returned to feel safe.  I am safe.

BL is still in my life, we are both living alone (single) in this world.  It’s been a wonderful and painful journey.

As for today, I know I deserve all the things.  All the joy, all the love, all the happiness.

My hope and plan is to have all the things.


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