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Yes.  I’ll have one of those please and thank you very much.

I started this blog so many years ago and I wrote and then I wrote some more, then I wrote no more.

My spirit was dying, my soul dying.  After separating in Nov. 2016. I finally filed for my freedom and peace Dec 2016.

The co parent ( as he will hence forth be named) did his best damage trying to undermine me with our children.  I pleaded that “he tread lightly” with them as they are still very much babies (25, 18, 15) in so many ways.  My pleading fell on deaf ears and soul shattering events took place.  I kept my mouth shut and more damage was done.  Thankfully my therapist explained how telling the truth isn’t taking the low road.  They were old enough to know the truth…as he had told them I was simply after “his” money (which is laughable, ain’t no money bitch LOL).

I told them about his ongoing affair and how I had tried to work it out for many years.  To say white boy was #bigmad was an understatement.  BUT I stood in that truth because he couldn’t call it a lie.

Now that he can no longer use my children against me (the healing is so very slow), he is using his attorney to “get at me”.  Asking for child support (we currently split equal time with the kids, even though the 18yr can’t be forced into visitation), alimony, and his attorney fees.  It’s laughable.  He currently makes more than I do, but will probably be without employment soon (not my issue anymore).

I am almost free and I am lonely at times but so fucking happy.

My joy will not be stolen, my soul shall be “fat and happy”.

It’s amazing that “divorce” is now the happiest place on earth for me.