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Friday Wishes


I wish…

I knew a GREAT paying job was waiting on me after I finish my MPA

I could stay in this space in my journey to healing…forward motion can’t stay still

I could TRULY let go and let the Mister (you church folks should get that one)

my sex drive would bring its sorry ass back to me

 the mister could finish his career the way we planned

I could get SERIOUS about eating and fitness

I didn’t feel so lazy

my MPA was done

I could vacation in the islands

I was closer geographically to my sisterfriends

I could heal KC’s pain

I knew what I wanted to be when I grow up


Friday Wishes


I wish…

he spoke my love language

I could write this book 

I felt confident in my Grad work

I was gentler with me

I knew what was PTSD and what was bitchiness

I felt safe

I knew you were safe

I wasn’t so angry

I could do the therapy work and fully heal

I could win 350 million in lotto and take care of the ones I love

Friday Wishes


I wish…

I could truly understand why I hang onto my anger

I could be the me I envision myself to be. Now.

We could decide on a summer vacay.

I could just let.go.

I had a job I LOVED.

The people in my life knew how much I love them.

I was strong enough to take the difference.

I still loved beyond all else.

I could stick to a budget. Grrr

I felt his love.

Friday Wishes


I wish

talking to you didn’t feel like 2 steps back

the nothing I felt was like 2 steps forward

The Mister and I weren’t fighting

he didn’t hurt my feelings with his words

I was ready to visit my in-laws

my big sis could be happy living closer to me

I wasn’t fucking TERRIFIED I’m not good/smart enough for grad school

I could write the book I see and recite in my head

my inner dialogue was more positive and affirming

I didn’t FEEL so selfish

The Mister and I could really talk…like adults and shit