I borrowed this idea from Lib at liberationtheory. Lib’s was 101 things in 1001 days. I am doing 51 things in 501 days, the list is incomplete. I will add things as they come to me, but the completion day will stay the same

501 days from today is Wednesday September 14, 2016

1.Learn enough Spanish to have a conversation 

2. Get to a weight I’m happy with/lose 30lbs

3. Get monthly massages

4. Get monthly mani/pedis

5. Get rid of our (my) credit card debt

6. Go on a cruise

7. Get the house ready for sale

8. Learn to rollerblade

9. Attend IMATS NY

10. Attend The Makeup Show NYC

11. Visit Omar in NYC

12. Visit a tropical island

13. Buy a gun

14. Learn to shoot

15. Visit my lil sister

16. Take my family to my Dad’s for a visit

17. Skinny Dip

18. Learn to how make a crab broil and make one

19. Road trip with Thelma

20. Learn to braid my hair

21. Take a class for fun

22. Take a martial arts class

23. Start and finish a scrapbooking project

24. Run a 5k alone

25. Run a 5k with Syd

26. Take a class with Jah

27. Finish my 51 things in 501 days list

28. Go kayaking

29. Research graduate chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Inc.

30. Full time non patient care career

31. Take makeup class

32. Improve makeup storage

33. Take family to Disney

34. Learn to do a cateye


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