My 51 things….


I borrowed this idea from Lib at liberationtheory. Lib’s was 101 things in 1001 days. I shortened it just a bit. It’s a work in progress. I will eventually finish the list but I’m trying to add things outside my comfort zone and things that seem a bit fun. Wish me luck.

501 days from this day is October 1, 2014. When I look at this date I’m hopeful, almost excited

1. Learn enough spanish to have a conversation

2. Get to a weight I’m happy with

3. Get monthly massages

4. Get rid of our (my) credit card debt

5. Go on a cruise

6. Complete two major house projects

7. Clean up the garage/organize it

8. Make a “me” place for my make up

9. Learn to rollerblade

10. Make my blog public

11. Attend IMATS NY

12 Visit a tropical island

13. Update our passports

14. Develop a skin care regimen

15. Buy a gun

16. Learn to shoot

17. Decorate my walls

18. Visit the Oyin store in B-more

19. Visit my sister in TX

20. Start Grad School

21. Organize my closet

22. Skinny Dip

23. Learn to how make a crab broil

24. Roadtrip with Thelma

25. Cut my hair

26. Take unwanted closet items to Goodwill

27. Go dancing

28. Take a class for fun

29. Start and finish a scrapbooking project

30. Organize my make up

31. Finish my 51 things in 501 days list

32. Finish a 5k

32. Go kayaking

33. Go parasailing

October 2014 has come and gone.  My list did not get completed by I made efforts on some things and none on others.  I do plan to start a new list, some things will be on the list again, but I am striving to step out and be true to me.

7. The garage was cleaned and arranged but is a mess yet again.  Lots of items I need to take to goodwill, but generally things are where they need to be.

8.  I moved the over stuffed reading chair out of my nook in my room,  I set up a nice desk and a couple of bookshelves.  I bought some lamps with bright bulbs and a stand alone mirror.  It’s not complete but it’s MY space.  I like.

10. I made my blog public and searchable.  I don’t get a lot traffic and I’m quite alright with that.  I feel somewhat exposed but I did it.

13. I updated my own passport and I consider that a completion.

18. I have been a huge fan of Oyin and its creators since before they were “Oyin”  I visited their store in B-more and picked up some cute t-shirts and great hair products.

20.  I did indeed start Grad school and finished it in the Fall of 2014.  I’m so excited about this accomplishment.  I have so many great women in my life who have supported me in this journey.  Lib and Thelma, thank you so much!

21.  Much like the garage my closet WAS clean and organized…LOL

24. THELMA is my sister, I love her so much.  God sent her to this earth for me, he knew I needed someone who understood my crazy who wouldn’t judge my fuckery and who would set my crazy ass straight when needed.  It wasn’t actually a roadtrip as in we in the car…we went to VEGAS and it was a blast.  Love you girl!

25. I had my locs for 7.5yrs, I had come to the point where I needed to make changes and my hair was one of those things.  Thelma “held my hand” and I went from ass length locs to a very sexy RED TWA!  Shit was so cute, but I’m growing it out again for another set of locs.  Change is good.

26. Those things went to Goodwill AND I now have even more to get rid of…we have too much stuff.  Time to let it go.

27. Thelma and I got our dance on in Vegas…Wobble on deck!  LOL

30.  I have organized my makeup but I would like to make it “cute” and girly.  It’s a work in progress.

33.  Thelma and I took our families to the beach…The Mister and I parasailed it was wonderful.  I would so do it again!

The new 51 things list will be up soon.  The only place to move is forward.


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