wide awake


It has slumbered for so long as it  awakened it caught me off guard. The welcomed beat of a different heart.

Slow exhale eyes just this side of closed.
Quick glimpses ample thighs wrapped around your waist. Eyes closed.
I’m slick with want my cores heat fixated on your thickness
Each and every urgent stroke a signature. As you write your name from the inside of me to the outside of what is now we
Forceful down strokes. One hand  wrapped around my throat I trust each and every squeeze.  Your voice in my ear. One word that does not need to be spoken drawn out in a low guttural moan “mine”
The back of my thighs now pressed against your chest as you reach the place where we have always been connected.
Your lips and tongue claim me pronouncing your ownership without words as you taste me. As you feast you feed my need. Fingers strong and demanding as you grab my ass to allow better feasting. My heart soars as your mouth is full of me.
Ample thighs resting on your shoulder. Feast.
My back to your chest as you enter me from behind. My hands applying the perfect indirect pressure as you work us to the final expression of awakened love.

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