Mile 26


Hello life. 



The Mister and I have been together for almost 2 decades.  We have ups and downs.  



There has been infidelity and some heartache.



I’m keeping it real in this year of ME. 2014

Yesterday was a testament to the healing I have sought through seeing a counselor AND a psychiatrist.  

The mister and I had a professional function for his workplace yesterday.  I had to sit across from the chick he was flirting with AND her NEW husband.  



I had a INTENSE therapy session the day prior.  I was stuck.  Giving away my peace and joy.  I worked through some things in that session that allowed me center myself. So as I smiled and had a good time.  I found my peace and my joy.  

I’m sure the mister and the bitch at the bottom of the sea (flirty chick) were clenched beyond comfort, but I had a sense of who I plan to be.  



I am no one’s victim and this whole incident is a indication of things that were wrong in my life.  I put in the work, it hurts and it’s slower than I would like.  Work is being done regardless.

I have felt the loss of my joy and peace, I replaced it with anger and fear.  This journey is marathon, but for the first time I feel I’m at mile 26.




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