I dreamed a dream of days gone by?


I don’t know the why of it all.  I’m not sure if you keep coming to me in deep slumber because you need me or is it I’m at a place where I need you?  

You never arrive you are just always there.  

When I “see” you I get this tightness in my chest and a lightness quickly follows.  We are always talking about your current situation but never mine.  You never scold me for being the ultimate avoider, something I have been guilty of as long as I can remember.

The touch is always light and subtle not a full on meshing of body, just a light touch and a transferring of our souls, through light touches of fingers.  

In this dream I met “the new” or as I like to call her my mini me (yes you have type).  

I don’t know if all the windows in this dream signified a greater meaning, but each window looked upon the ocean, my favorite place to be.  

The only time I recall full contact I hugged you tightly from behind, which I am prone to do.  You wrapped your hands in mine as we looked out the one window that wasn’t facing the ocean as “the new” walked away from us.   I told you I never wanted to break her heart, your answer to that…well she had to break someone else’s heart to get here.  Did you feel my heart race and skip at those words?

I always feel safe with you even though I know in reality that is no longer the case.

As I wake from these dreams I often wonder, are you coming to me or am I seeking you?

This to shall pass.


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