I’m a fool…


I have declared 2013 The Year of Me.  I’m working on self mentally (not yet physically) and I’m getting rid of what doesn’t work for me.

I like sameness, I not a big proponent of change although I can roll with it when change comes about.  I’m so late on this song, though I’ve heard it several times I never gave it a good listen.  When I did I grabbed onto the sameness I had known for a YEARS.

I felt myself yearning, thirsting for sameness, not the change I wanted/want to see in this year of my new decade of life.

I played with the idea of running backward, but the thing with running backward is everyone else has moved forward so NOTHING is the sameness it was.

My heart ached I mean take a breath and let the tears flow ached.  I didn’t try to stop them I may even have gone into the ugly cry♥ but I DID NOT run backward and fuck things up like I would have 12 short months ago.  I’m still aching, but *I* am not the sameness anymore.


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