Here’s to you


Dearest BL,

My bestest friend of heart.  I miss you.  I think over the years that have passsed the ebb and flow of friendship has followed real life.  It ebbs it flows.  

From the first moment I heard you speak, all hands waving and smiles my heart spoke.  Then you smiled and laughed all cheeks and light.

Even though at that time I loved The Mister in way that was imprinted on my DNA, I knew I would love you for the rest of my time here and beyond.

As friendship and heart to heart love grew I saw things in you that scared me, my own reflection.  The writing of your words, the truth of your heart.  The marrow of your bone. 

Truth you spoke to me, tears and blood for me.  

Truth built on a lie, the lie of what could be.  The lie of no one gets hurt.  The lies you felt you needed to whisper to protect me.

Not believing MY truth that no matter what I am safe in the love I know you will always feel for me.  You are the first person in my life I EVER felt that way about.  Safe.

After the time that has passed I am never really sure why you couldn’t trust me with the truth.  

I know you are gone from my life and with your love in my heart I am free to let you go.  Though you will never read this here’s to you…

For every drop of ink you have dedicated to me, pen to paper ink to skin, I will love you.  Each drop represents a lifetime I will love you and hope for your happiness.  No matter where or with whom you choose.

With all my love, 



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