Oh the thirst!


I can’t stand a thirsty broad.  I hate chicks that are desperate and thirsty.

I’ve been doing some reflection in the new year.  I’ve been trying to heal my heart.  As I’m making my way on this journey I’ve started to think about the people I have allowed in my life.

I am a lover of words, the more heartfelt, the more emotional the better…or so I thought.

I realized as I examined the relationships in my life… I’m thirsty…*GASP*

I had an emotional thirst I didn’t even know existed.  I allowed myself to drink happily and sometimes unhappily from “cups” that were not meant me.

I drank and I drank and I drank.  I felt full at times and other times I just felt the fool.

I see things more clearly now, and I no longer thirst as I have in the past.

I have found ways within in myself to quench my emotional thirst.

It feels so good to be in this space.  I can’t say that the thirst won’t ever return, but in these new moments in 2013…my thirst is sated.

That feels good.


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