For Thelma


Hey Girl!


I know that you have been  Last night was the end all to be all so to speak.  I cried real thug tears for you because I know we both have mama issues, but we still love our mamas.  I’m so happy that you could be with your mama in those lasts moments of her life.  I’m happy that you got to wipe her tears and hold her hand.  That’s real.  That’s a blessing.  I know you have struggled with everything she went through this past year or so, but you did her proud and

I’m sipping slow for you today and I want you to know she raised a hell of a woman.  

I’m proud to call you my sister.

Love you sis ❤


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  1. Thank you soooo much! I am JUST seeing this (more than a month later.) It has been a crazy few months and I feel stronger for it. It is hard to imagine what it feels like to lose a parent. It is even harder to know what it feels like to lose a Mother. Our Mothers actually gave us life. She gave me life. She made me able to endure and grow into the woman that I am…with my flaws and all. I appreciate her for that. I am so thankful to God for allowing me to hold her hand and let her know that I love her. I was there when she went from this life to the after life. I can always hold onto that. So, thank you for these words. They mean more to my soul than you will ever know. I love you too, Sis.

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