Great…Small and life in between


I feel sorry for myself A LOT.  I get a lil woe is me when things happen to me.  I know I get this victim mindset from my mother.  I try to catch myself and end the pity party before it gets out of hand, but I have to say I can be a bit of an alarmist and shit.  I don’t like it.  I don’t like it in my mother and I don’t like it me.  I am no ones victim.  Not one motherfucking person.

I’ve been taking some guidelines from Lib as follow her tweets.  I am so grateful for my life.  Now I didn’t say perfect life, but it’s a good life…warts and all.

I don’t want to be this perpetually angry sista who doesn’t find the joy in what she has been blessed with, which in my life is bigger than I can begin to express.

I bitch I moan I gnash my teeth, all for what? because life has thrown my a curve or two…so what.  Hell some folks lives will always be better than mine and some folks’ will always be worse.

I am blessed in things great and small.  

I must say I will work harder at appreciating the great and small of it all.


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