…and there you have it!


I felt like writing today…welp that’s a change.  I even felt like writing a book working on an idea but have to flesh it out.

I’ve been sick, so sick I went to my own ER and got seen.  I have to say as much as I love *some* of the docs I work with it would seem some just don’t know shit.  LOL.  I can laugh about it now but at the time it was frustrating and painful.  THEN had to rush El Syd to the ER the next morning in the early AM because she couldn’t breathe.  Now that’s an EMERGENCY but I will say my ER did the damn thing they were great.

I have had constipation that is driving me insane.  I’m sitting on the commode trying to make magic happen as I type this (how’s that for TMI!)  Drank some coffee this morning hoping to jump start a few things.

I haven’t been working out like I should.  No excuse just lazy.

I have been working on my federal resume little by very little.  I think fear of being trapped in my current job is holding me back.  My Plan A consists of getting hired in a federal position and leaving the ER behind.  If that doesn’t pan out I fear I will be stuck, even though logically I know God works it out in his own time.  I just really hate my job, but it’s mine and I feel okay for the most part even though I hate it…did I mention I hate it?  Yep I do.

So what else can I talk about?  Let’s see…The Teenager is 21 now…geez that’s old.  We are planning a family gathering in July which makes me so very anxious.  LOL.

and there you have it, there’s so much more but I think I’m off to drink more coffee and pray for poop!


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