Directional musings


I haven’t wanted to write.  My life is doing an ebb thing right now and nothing is flowing where it feels right.  

The mister and I are back in counseling after his missteps of texting a female co-worker more than I am comfortable with.  Things fell apart from there.  At times the hypocrisy of my actions rub me raw, but I am who I am.  Flaws and all.

Not sure what will be fixed this time, if anything at all.  I’m not ready to leave, but I willing to leave.  It’s hard on both of us.  We do this awful dance of not wanting to talk about the things that hurt, but knowing they need to be talked about.  The most important thing…we ARE trying.

My life isn’t what I want it to be, but knowing what I want is driving me in circles.

I’m back to writing and that is always a good step in the right direction. 


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  1. I have not logged on here in months. I am glad that we are best friends or I would be surprised to see these posts. I am so happy that you all are working on YOU (individually and together). I love you guys and writing is a great “out”. Keep writing girl, it is great therapy.

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