School is in session…


I’ve been watching Life Classes on the OWN network.  I watched the class on Letting Go.  How we manifest hurt and pain as anger.  That is so me.  I’ve known for some time that my anger comes from a place of hurt.  That on some level I haven’t been able to deal with my hurt, so I stay angry because it allows me to feel I can CONTROL something.  Anger is actually the loss of control for me.  It causes me to go into a place that takes over me…loss of control.

Recently I’ve tried to deal with some painful things, I got angry…then I got really sad.  I let the hurt and pain wash over me.  I was so upset over losing something I THOUGHT I had.  It still hurts and I’m going to let it.  Because if I don’t walk through this pain I will never stop being angry at the one I feel hurt me.  What makes it even harder is there is friendship wrapped up in all of pain.  A friendship I want(ed) to keep.  Sometimes people simply aren’t worthy

I not only let anger control me, I let this friendship take more then it was worth.

I’m still left to wonder…

The heart wants what it wants, and at this time I’m just going to have to hold on until the pain (not anger) subsides.

I’ll meet you on the other side of this session.


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  1. Arent these classes amazing? It really took me a minute to even admit that I was angry (see my blog), but once I did, I realized how the anger had been just barely beneath the surface but oh so there! Such an eye-opener!

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