‘Cause she is all that…why be anything less?


El Syd had spirit week at school.  Each day represented a different type of team.  On the day for the favorite college team she wore her UNC cheerleading outfit.  She was representing the Tarheels and making her daddy proud.

When she got home she let me know her outfit was a hit BUT an older neighbor girl told her “she was trying to be all that“.  El Syd knew that wasn’t a compliment.  I was pissed but I didn’t saying anything negative against her dingy ass “friend”.  

I told El Syd she should ALWAYS strive to be all that.  To be her best, to shine.  I told her there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with being all that because she is in fact just that.  ALL.THAT.  I told her being all that was being smart.  Being all that was being kind to others.  I told her even though that heffa didn’t mean it as a compliment there was indeed a compliment inside that girl’s envy.  

I told her folks who try to bring you down a peg or two by pointing out PERCEIVED flaws of some kind  are actually telling you loud and clear they see you as ALL THAT.

I told El Syd to never settle for anything less then her best no matter how others view her from the outside.  I told her to never dim her light, to ignore her gifts because someone else was afraid she was all.that.  I asked her why she would WANT to be anything less?  I saw the light come on, she knows who she is.  

She is Ms.All.That.


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