Where I’ve been…


I’ve been in the land of the sick…for over a week now I have been hacking and sweating and fartin’!

I caught something right before the labor day week end, but we decided to head to the beach in spite of my fever ,sweating and chills (and fartin’)  I’m still sick, but now it’s more of a VERY productive couch.  ICK!  and few coughing fits that leave me worn out.

So I will be posting pics and video of our vacay.  I had a good time in spite of everything and I also fell back in love the carolinas *sigh*  Our plans have changed (well not so much changed as solidified) we are going to be moving south as soon as El Syd finishes school here.  So now we have a 8 yr plan.  I’m really excited.

Work is still kicking my ass.  There is so much outside work that needs to be done…online modules that simply can’t be accomplished during my days at work.  I’ve missed a few deadline, but hey I’m getting there…slowly.  Had my first feedback as a new nurse.  I “met” expectations.  Which was  a relief, I feel most days like I’m just barely hanging on.  I have so much to learn but I’m in it for the long haul…well at least 2-3 yrs.  I’m not going to sacrifice my body for nursing.  I hope to live a good loooong life and I’m not going to let this career have me immobile in my golden years.  No ma’am.

I’m still loving living on the East Coast.  It’s different (Fall is here already WTF?) but it offers us so much as a family.  I can’t wait to explore more.


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