you.will.not! and I’m still laughing


Troop troop troopin’ on!

I’m home all alone today, well me and the dogs.  I like the quiet.  Withdrawals from cy.mbalta is still kicking my ass, BUT  it’s s…l…o…w…l…y

getting better.  

Thankfully our money situation is trying to recover from the move…LOL.  I haven’t received a full paycheck yet, but it’s trickling in.   

We FINALLY got all the permits for the new build.  I’m nervous as hell.  My very own abode, where I get to pick out all the fixin’!!!  Going out to the building site today, to see if they have broken ground yet.  We have a meeting with the building supervisor dude (not his official title) but my crackhead work schedule is making that hard.

Oh and about work because I can be honest here.  I hate those bitches.  Well not all of them but I can see I need to get to night shift with the quickness.  I look young(tosses locs and smiles) I get that, but you.will.not <ode to sP nation before he turned into a cunt> speak to me any kind of way.  No ma’am, no girl!  I’ve been professional and firm in my approach will probably here about that later.  I just want to keep my job, and learn how to be a kick ass nurse.  I’m not down with cuntiness especially when it’s uncalled for.  I’m finding the ER is A LOT like the military and nursing school.  Unorganized on multiple levels and no one is talking to the next person.  There is little structure that I see, as a BRAND NEW nurse I think it’s important to have structure.  I just feel out there.  

I learned  from some other staff that they will not be working with me in the future so I can finish my education…heard this more then once from different folk.  These heffas will not block my blessings.  I’ve worked with some hard core assholes (Air Force represent!!!) I will not fall prey to someone else’s issues.  I still have not received a schedule, I have been given 3 different schedules, 3 sets of instructions from 3 different people.  

When the head heffa in charge (trust she’s as big as one…yeah I went there) and her sidekick (whom I had been warned about on my first day) tried to punk the new nurse(oh shit that’s me!).  I firmly went THERE with both of these field grazers.  I told them they (other folk) had given me differing info and the head heffa was sharp with me and asked “well who is they” <insert my holding my breath, holding my mule, and calling on Jesus here> I told her “well I’m new and I haven’t met every one, so I don’t know ALL the names but X..then Y…then Z“.  Sidekick jumps in to inform me “well the schedule comes from head heffa”  I smiled every so sweetly (cause Auntie G taught me you can tell someone to lick your ass and say it in a way that has them looking forward to it) and said….”well I wasn’t given that information, I only know what I was told.  So things haven’t changed then, the original information is still correct?”  I guess she didn’t want head heffa to think the minions were running the floor so she said we would go over my rightful and true schedule later that day…yeah I knew that shit wasn’t going to happen AND it didn’t!  LOL!!!!!  I’ve been working for almost a month and no one has spoken to me about details of being a new nurse.  I love both of my preceptors, LOVE THEM CHICKS so I’m learning and using my military training (bend but don’t break) to get me through the rest.

I’m still looking at grad school programs, now the cat is out of the bag (never tell floor nurses you want to get a higher degree, yes crab meet this barrel) I will need to move stealth like through this process.  Which mean I will probably have to do it online…Dah Well.  Imma do that shit!  LOL

Overall I feel this is where I’m suppose to be for now.  I’m scared as hell because my 1/3/5 year plan is a bit off, but everyday I’m hustling.  Calling the VA today to see if I can volunteer at their clinic here.  Then I’m calling planned parenthood trying to volunteer with them too.


God is good to me, Life is good to me.  I’m blessed…tell ’em Jilly from Philly


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