Picture me rolling like…



Now that grad school is on hold (just on hold not forgotten by any  means) I’m looking at buying myself a…new car!!! (said like they do on the Prices is Right)

The Mister and I are having an ongoing dialog *giggles* about which vehicle I will purchase.  Now this isn’t a right now purchase, because unlike The Mister I can wait for new and shiny. (you see how I just threw shade all ovah him reht there?)  So we went to look at the car…a bit o’ research.  It was a day trip that included good food and a GREAT mall.  When I saw the car I had *thought* I was in love with I soon realized it was much too small for a family of our size…sooooooooo I moved up to the next model.  Which was perfect!  Made The Mister sit in the back seat too, good measure of leg room.  The Mister left me to my drooling as I sat in the drivers seat  and played inside the cabin.

So yesterday he starts talking about the price of this vehicle…hmmm now that’s odd because before I even had a job we purchased a BRAND NEW truck for him.  No argument no nothing.  BAM! new truck in the driveway.  He loves it!  Good!  

As he’s pissing ALL OVER my new car parade I can feel myself start to get heated.  Then I just calmly told him he was raining on my parade.  I also pointed out when we bought his BRAND NEW truck 5mths ago he wasn’t too overly concerned about cost and such.  I AGAIN explained this isn’t a RIGHT NOW purchase, I’m willing to wait for bills to be paid and THEN get my new shiny love muffin. (I gots car love BAD, never had this before!)

I was more then a little pissed at him, I felt in not so many words (cause he doesn’t use a lot of them most times…yes more shade throwing!  LOL) he was telling me I wasn’t worth this car.  That all my blood, sweat, and tears (literally) wasn’t worth having this luxury vehicle.  Big Sis and I talked and laughed about it later.  I told her “I’m getting that car!” she agreed with me.  My new paycheck isn’t just for his toys.  I earned a lot of sumthin’ sumthin’ for me.  We have owned NUMEROUS vehicles over the years and EVERY new car (I mean new!) has been his.  We’ve been together almost 16yrs…he really ought to ashamed of himself…but we know he’s not!  LOL…though he did tell me he wasn’t trying to tell me I wasn’t worth the car, in fact he wanted me to have it!  So now look who’s thinking about that bottom line…I wanted to ask him how it felt to be married to someone who is HIGH MAINTENANCE and has to have nice thangs…but I didn’t.  I just laughed…on the inside.

If he wants more toys he better get a paper route or better yet…go to school, get a degree and make yourself more marketable.  If it’s good for me, hell it’s good for him.


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