Officially Official!!!!!!


It’s official I’m a nurse.  I passed my boards (even though I was convinced after 265 questions and 3hrs that I hadn’t).  I got my license on my birthday!  Happy Fucking Birthday to me!  I go for my physical this week and I hope to start on Monday.

I’ve found a summer program for the kids…$256 per wk…OUCH!  Guess I shouldn’t  have bitched about spending the whole summer with them huh?

We are still trying to sell the house in TX…plenty of folks looking but no offers…*sigh*

I’m excited about building this new house I’m actually going to create a scrapbook…ME…crafting…don’t laugh too hard.  We bought the first items for the house…bedroom furniture for the kids…now I need…well just about everything else.  LOL.  It’s going to work itself out.  Right?

I have so many things I wish to write about but I’m still trying to find balance now that I’m not studying.  I find myself eating and drinking as entertainment…no bueno.

My mother in law (God love her) finally had it out with her sisters about the “he married dat negress and he ain’t welcome” situation…AFTER over 15yrs of that bullshit.  I feel bad for her, because she’s a good hearted person and they have hurt her so much over the years.  Some how they have her taking the blame for their racist attitudes.  Those bitches are good (in a very bad way).  As much as I love the mister, and his parents those buffarilloes better hope they never cross my path.  At least I don’t have to worry about spending eternity with them, cause we know they ain’t going no where near heaven.  Runteldat!

I’m FINALLY going to be weaned off my meds…HELL YEAH…my PA is halfing my does then one pill every other day for two weeks…then I’m done with those things.  So happy.  I do have meds for anxiety but those are on an “as needed” basis.  Hell maybe my sex drive will find it’s way back home, that would be super!

Everyone has adjusted to the move, except maybe my oldest…he wants to come to live with us…I’m making other plans.  LOL.  He’s 20, and while I know that’s a far ways from GROWN…he needs to be elsewhere to experience that growth. #mamabeargameproper.

If you have recently made your blog private can you please send me the PW ( you know who you are!)

Life is good near the water.


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  1. Serena Obama, (I’m always going to think of you that way because it’s your VISION!): I am sooooo proud of you! You DID it! And girl, you worked HARD to get here! Enjoy your triumph, and let life’s details (like furniture) work themselves out. So, so happy for you! xoxo

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