I stayed prayed up


I took the NCLEX this morning.  I cried for 30 minutes after the exam.  5 yrs of work came down to this morning and I feel it went down the drain.  I started sipping on wine at around 1130 today.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  

My inlaws are in town and Thelma is on her way tomorrow.  I’m going to enjoy them while they are here and pray.  The test is over and my test didn’t go like anyone who has passed that I know thus far.  Doesn’t sound or look good for me, but I can’t change it, so I pray whenever it enters my mind.  I can’t change it, I want to change it but I can’t.  So I pray and sip.  LOL.  This is my life for now.

I don’t have another $200 to take the test AND I NEED to work.  I WANT that job.

My sister says God may be trying to tell me something mayhaps it’s not my time to be a nurse.  Maybe this is the other shoe.  Maybe I’m just being a drama queen.

I plan to stay PRAYED UP…and sip.


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