Just keep running…running…running…


I’m in procrastination hell right now, well that’s dramatic.  Not exactly hell, but I just don’t feel like moving.  This fat is holding me down.  I haven’t worked out since we got here, but I’m loving the food.  Ahhhh the food.  Now if I could just find decent Thai and JA restaurants I’d be set.  

The holiday is upon us.  I’m excited my inlaws AND THELMA are coming.  YES thank you Lord!  The house is still box central, we’re leaving most things boxed up until the new house is done.

Oh the new house, how I love your paperwork and such.  How I try not to panic as I think of how much you will cost me even before I sleep under your perfectly slanted new roof.  How I try not to panic as I think of all the thing I WANT to do with you before next year.  *sigh*  Oh my life is soooo hard…LOL!  

I am stressed about boards, all of this time and they are here in less then 48hrs…WHAT ?two days…TWO DAYS?????!!!! who stole my month of June…I’ve been robbed…ROBBED I must report this to the PO-LICE!  I have been studying off and on.  While I’m not USUALLY a nervous tester, well damn this is it ain’t it?  BUBBLE GUTS ENSUE!  While I try to keep the BGs at bay when I think how blessed I am, cause I know I am and have been for some time I just keep moving at least in my mind I’m moving.  In my mind I’m running the track, I’m lifting weights, I’m doing core training, my mind is a PHINE size 10 (maybe 8  ) machine.  Meh.  I’ll get there, just not sure when.

I have appointments all next week…physical for the new job (thinking it’s a drug and TB test) AND I have my first doctors appt. here.  Trying to get off these meds and find my sex drive again.  More then a little nervous.

Still haven’t sold the house…Dah well!

I want to blog more because there is so much running in my mind, now if I could just get my body to run with it.  WIN!


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