Blessed from there and back again


When The Mister and I first met, almost 16yrs ago, we were two young kids just living on a wing and a prayer.  We hung out, sexed like rabbits and drank until the party was over.  We hadn’t traveled the world and we hadn’t decided we would build a life together.

Today I feel we came full circle.  We signed the papers for the building of our dream home.  I think we are both a little stunned.  Those two young kids living in North Carolina who fell in love had dreams.  Education, family, success, and love.  It’s what we talked as we drifted off to sleep.  We had no hard and fast plans how to make this day happen but it happened today!

We have never forgotten where we started, used furniture from the airmens’ attic (free stuff for young military members) furniture “borrowed” from the condemned dorm we eventually moved out of.  Because we didn’t have much money we always celebrated our successes with Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill.  LOL!  It’s our thing.

I worked hard for this degree, I wanted it for myself and my family.  I will now be able to put it use and pursue our dreams.

I texted my Dad pictures of the model home and told him I was nervous about our purchase…he texted back something I will carry with me through this life and the next…

Don’t be afraid of the fruit of your labor and sacrifice, you deserve it.

I’m so excited.

Time to celebrate.



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