Smack my bottom and call me Rhonda!


I got the job!  I am so very excited.  I can’t start until July which is after I take my boards.  Pray for me.

We are still on the hunt for a home.  We are renting from an extraordinary lady who just happens to have her doctorate in education…she’s really something and I like her.  She used to live in a double wide trailer, but now owns several homes.  She seems to have a really good spirit.  As an even bigger blessing she’s from here and knows just about everyone.

We are still on the fence about building our dream home here.  I don’t want to price myself out of our subdivision but this house has 99% of what we want.  It’s just hard to make this commitment.

The mister and I are in a very good place.  More loving and patient with each other than before.  I can see that he’s happy and excited about our future and I am as well.  As I watched him at the beach with the kids I thought to myself…God has blessed me with all this, so very blessed.

My Auntie G is coming.  YAY!  Gonna take her to the Amish market, it’s weird because we talk everyday, but I miss her.  She’s no longer a few hours down the road.  That makes me sad. I’m happy she’s coming!

Trying to work out our finances, BLAH!  I need to start working but everything in it’s own time.

I’m eating like a pig due to stress, gonna go get the gym schedule and try to turn this negative into a positive.  My weight is out of control.  Gonna try and find the Serena Obama in me.  I have nothing but time right now…nothing but time.


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  1. You sound so at peace.=o) I love it! I am happy for you and my brother from another mother. This is really to ask, when is Auntie G. coming? I want to see her too. Keep counting your blessings…there are plenty more coming your way. Love you!!!! Miss you!!!

  2. Hey girl she’s going to be in VA when we’re all there! Then she’s coming for a few days to the new rental house. You know you are ALWAYS welcome. Come on up! You probably need a short vacay anyways! Luv and miss you bunches can’t wait to see you!

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