We made it “home”.  Back to civilization!  LOL!  I’m currently looking for employment and praying that our home in the SW will sell quickly.  I have to say I truly believe that I was sent here.  We have already been to the water.  The little ones had a blast!  It feels so good to have my children around a diverse group of people.  Everyone was out and in force and a shopkeeper told me it only gets worse  (more crowded) as the summer progresses.

Did I mention the outlets…OH MY GAWD!!  They are huge you can’t even walk the whole thing you actually have to drive it!  YESSSSS!

We are house hunting tomorrow.  Don’t know if the bank will lend us MORE money but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  I really want to get settled here.  To make it home.  The kids and the dogs are out of sorts.  Everyone  needs their own space.

I feel so blessed and a little scared.  I have registered for my boards and will have to take them before I can be hired.  *sigh*

I’m also looking for a church home for my family.  So many changes, so many blessings.  Joy.


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