The time has come


I’m feeling some kind of way about this move.  This is my first move without orders and employment of my own.  I’ve been trying to keep it all together but at times I’m more than a little bitchy.

I’m trying to remember that this is stressful and terrifying for everyone.  The kids are leaving the only home either of them TRULY remember and they are living apart from the teenager for the first time EVER.  It has them on edge and hostile.

We still haven’t sold the house, which I kind of expected so me getting employment is so very important. So we can afford to live in the houses we have picked out.

The mister will be start his new job and I’m nervous for him.  I want it to go well.

The teenager has decided to stay here, which makes me relieved, sad, scared, and angry within the same heart.

We’re heading back closer to where we want to be, but I’m anxious about moving across country with two dogs, two kids, 1/4 of  my belongings, and a lot of faith.

Please continue to pray for me.


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  1. You can do this! I know it is scary and all of the above, but you are stronger than you give yourself credit for. You got this. After Nursing School? Paleeeze, you can do anything!!! Love you much!

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