Friday Wishes


I wish…

my prayers could be more intense

my oldest could get himself together

he was making this move with us

my big sis ❤ wasn’t so stressed

I could be naked all the time

I had a guaranteed nursing gig in the ER

the mister and I could agree on money issues more often

I could get back on the Serena Obama train

I didn’t want to eat everything in site

I wasn’t so stressed

we already had an offer on this house

I could be in the presence of my sisters already (DD,Thelma,Eenie,KC,ChiChi I’m waiting on you)

that everyone could have the love and support of great women in their lives like I do

each one of my sisters knew how much I truly value and  love them

I could get paid to go to Grad school

I knew if I was accepted to Grad school

this move was over and we were already secure and settled in a place we both love

my middle son knew just how much his mama loves him


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  1. Trust and Believe it is going to be on and poppin!!! I cannot wait!=o) See you soon. Love you much!

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