Friday Wishes


In the midst of my breakdown I stopped wishing and hoping.  Now that I’m in a better place I’m laying wishes under my wishing tree!


I wish…

I felt like working out

the mister and I could agree on money issues

I knew I had a job after graduation

I didn’t feel like I just want to chuck it all

I could pass my exit exam

I could be completely honest with my mother

my mother would take better care of herself

the mister would get on board with this move

I could get my yard sale stuff together…like magic

I enjoyed cleaning house

BL would find peace

I didn’t worry about him so much

Garth would say exactly what he mean

I could find a cute graduation and pinning dress

I didn’t want to spend 2k on a purse and wallet

my baby sis would get a hold of her anger

she understood it’s no ones fault that her mother died…it just happens

my thighs were smooth

my mother would stop smoking (STINKY YUCKY)

I didn’t want it all…yes all!

my 1% lesbian didn’t piss people off or freak them out

for happiness and sustained good mental health in the future


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