From the beginning to the end


I wanted to cry when I read your e-mail.  I could feel you’re in such pain.  You don’t deserve this.

I knew once she saw the whole picture she would keep  you from your babies (the quickest and surest way to hurt you to your core).  I know how much you love them even though you can’t love their mother.

I’m sorry you are being pulled in so many different directions…heart, mind, and soul.  I feel I have found so much joy and you are still searching.  If I could reach out my hand and bring you to the place I reside I would do that in less than a moment, but I know that joy comes when it is due…no sooner no later.

You have come to me in my dreams.  Our connection strong and resilient.  Sharing your pain across an ocean and time.  I continue to pray for your healing, that you find it and move beyond the place you seem to be immersed.

I want to tell you to write, pen to paper because as the mirror of that part of you I know it’s healing effects.   I also know that words don’t always come when we are most wounded.  They can be taken from us when we feel we need them most, only to return when The Almighty sees fit.

I love you so much I pray for you before I pray for myself.  I wish for you before wishful words for self enter my mind.  I cry for you, trying to cleanse your soul by cleansing my own.

I’m so very sorry for your heartbreak, each step in this journey know my love is with you and when you come out on the other side…we will be four feet from peace…love and friendship intact…together.


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