Ramped Up!


I’m planning a home coming for the mister.  I’ve been missing him like crazy or should I say I’ve been missing his paynus like crazy.  I’ve just about whittled my fingers to the bone.  I still have a while before he gets home (being snowed in with my mom and the kids isn’t helping).  Lately I’ve gotten a good dose of porn.  Haven’t broken out the toys yet, I think that would be too much noise.  I hope this sex drive stays forever after the mister comes home.  I haven’t sucked dick in over a month, I miss that feeling.  I miss it all.

I’m thinking of buying the mister a NOT valentine’s day gift.  If you don’t know I hate V-day.  I’ve been wanting a liberator ramp for years now. Something to bump it up a bit.  We have been together for over 15yrs and while I still find the mister sexy, my sex drive has be more like no drive for a long time.  I think bringing in something a little different will help me in the let’s get slick and wet department.

Man I need to get laid!  LOL!

Liberator Ramp


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