Single failings?


Being a single mom sucks for me.  I can’t seem to find my rhythm and I feel like my meds aren’t working!  It’s been over two weeks and I’m still struggling not to scream and yell.  I’m usually in a groove by now and I’m actually a better parent when the mister is gone.  It’s a control thing…I can admit that.

My sleeping has been off…I’m up every night…looking at that dirty ass ceiling fan…ugh!  I failed the exit exam for the 2nd time.  I have 2 more attempts and so much other stuff I’m not giving proper attention.

I’m trying to focus, but with graduation and the job hunt looming I’m a mess.  I really want to go straight into Grad school but I know I need/have to work…to contribute to the household financially.

I want the mister home or I want to be able to date…like other single parents.  LOL


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  1. I am all for the dating.=o) Hang in there trooper, you are my she-ro.=o) You can do it. It was done before you and many more will do it after you. This is just a test. You can overcome this too. Love you much. Wish I was there to help. Sorry…=o(

  2. Stress and lack of sleep can snowball and compound the problems of depression until you can’t tell which came first, the chicken or the egg. (You can’t sleep, so you’re stressed, then you’re tired and you don’t do as well at things so you get stressed about them then you can’t sleep so you’re stressed etc). It’s a vicious cycle. Don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor about it. I have an RX for Ambien (non habit forming, and it will knock you out for 8 solid hours) that I take when I just cannot sleep, and it does not leave me feeling like crap the next day, which I appreciate (some of the others leave you with a “hung over” feeling.)

    As for the other, there is always 😉

  3. @Me…you’re still here in my heart girl!

    @Corey…I’ve been thinking about renewing my script for sleeping. Off to look at

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