Friday Wishes


I wish…

I weren’t STILL in denial about Thelma moving 1500 miles away TOMORROW

life would slow down for just a day

being his friend wasn’t taking so much work and thought

he could see that this situation could go HORRIBLY wrong

he felt safe enough to be on his own

he wasn’t so scared

I wasn’t scared for him

I wasn’t so lazy

my med surg class wasn’t beating my ass

I blogged whenever I had thoughts running through my head

I felt the need to clean

laundry would fold itself

the mister didn’t hurt my feelings

I wasn’t still struggling with these trust issues

I could get over myself



2 responses »

  1. Girl, I have been “leaving” for forever. The actual day had to come sooner or later.=o( Sad that I am leaving my friends, glad for a change in scenery, challenges and opportunities. Be happy for me. K? We WILL NOT lose contact. You know this, Man! Love you lots…

  2. Now you know you my girl and I AM so very happy that you are making this move in life and your career. I know I should be used to the idea by now as you have been leaving “forever” but I was rolling good in my denial LOL! It’s like if you don’t think about it, it simply won’t happen..silly I know but *sigh* it’s all I got. LURVES U TOO!

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