This woman’s worth


As we plan for our impending move the mister is putting on the pressure for me to have a new car.  There is a long story behind the push but what it comes down to is he likes new shiny shit (well duh who doesn’t?).

The mister’s eyes are all star filled because I’ve kind of fallen in love with the new car trend…the crossover.  With the teenager out of the house, our 7 passenger SUV is nice but it’s really not all that necessary anymore.  I don’t want to drive a sedan so the crossover seemed like a great fit.
Audi crossover 42K

BMW crossover x5 46K

Infiniti crossover 37K (starting price) I believe this one is my one TRUE love *sigh*

Lexus RX 40K

I know I have worked hard to get my family where we’re trying to go.  I understand that there is nothing wrong with giving myself something nice AFTER graduation, but the project girl in me will not let ME spend this much money on a vehicle.  I can not in my “section eight” mind justify spending a house note on a car not each month.  Sadly (or not) for me I’m married to a person who believes if you can afford the payment you can afford the item.  I don’t believe that.  I know if I spend this amount of money on a vehicle the mister will be bringing up the rear (or be UP MY REAR) for something of similar value for himself.  It is my turn to buy the new vehicle.  It is my turn to choose.  The mister chose our last two vehicles they are what HE wanted.  I now drive a car that has no payment and I’m of the mind that a household should only bear ONE vehicle payment at a time.

I could save the money for a large down payment, but I know if I have 20k sitting in the bank I’m going to start thinking of traveling to warm and faraway places.  It’s all about priorities I suppose.  I don’t need to keep up with the Joneses.  I don’t have the need to impress people with what I can afford.  Buying a new vehicle isn’t about that. I’d simply like to have something new for ME.  Something of MY choosing.

I know THIS woman’s worth and it’s not tied to what I drive.  I know I’m worth it I just don’t know if these vehicles are worth it


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