Heeeeere we go


The mister has informed me that when he gets to school in January that his lil brother will be joining him for the duration of his stay there.  *sigh*  The same brother who claims he’s going into the military…for two years now.  The same brother who has had a drug problem (that we know of) for the past 3 years.  I don’t even know how to approach him about all that can go wrong with this scenario.  FIRST the mister is going to SCHOOL.  He doesn’t need the added distraction of having to make sure this grown ass man isn’t fucking up his (our) life.  SECOND his brother doesn’t have any money or a job at this point so he’s going to be chillin on OUR dime (the ones we’re suppose to be saving for the move)  THIRD not once did we discuss this as a couple.  The decision was made and once again I was told about it.  This isn’t going to end well.  I understand wanting to help his brother, BUT if someone doesn’t WANT to get their life together no amount of good intentions are going to save them.  He’s trying to get his brother away from his friends (yeah like THEY are the bad influence on HIM *eye roll*)  He’s a grown man, and folks that want to be in fucked up life situations usually find those type of folks where ever they go.  We are paying to fly my MIL into town to help me take care of the kids while the mister is gone…we are renting her a car for two months (the mister is driving his to school) so she can get herself around so we’ve already got money going out so we can take care of business.

Now I have to go “talk” to him about this FML.


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