It’s official I’m sick.  I hate being sick, and I can’t BE sick this coming week because I’ll get sent home from clinical.  *sigh*

I have so many things I need to be doing but alas I’m not doing them, not because I’m sick but because I just don’t want to.

I’m drinking green tea with agave nectar (spiked with captain morgan’s spiced rum) it doesn’t taste good but I’m hoping to pass out later.  That’s a win.

It’s late and we still haven’t had dinner.  The mister knows I’m sick and I haven’t been to the store, the kids are hungry  and I’m hungry and I don’t want a FUCKING PB&J sammich!


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  1. I am sorry you are not feeling well. He should have at least got some take out or something knowing that you are not up to par. I always have to tell my husband, “just make a decision”. It is not that hard to do. Feel better lady. If you need me, you KNOW I am right around the corner…(((HUGS))).

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