I’m on my way to clinical I’ve been up since around 4am.  I know I will pay for that later in the day, but I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t want to lay in bed and possibly fall back to sleep and OVERSLEEP.  *sigh*  I’m already mentally tired.

I’m dealing with some things right now that I’m just trying to keep in perspective and not make MY issue, because this shit ain’t even about me.  I’m trying NOT to demand time and information that I know will come when the time is right not exactly when I want it.

Is it wrong I don’t want to go to my BFF’s annual fall party?  I love her I really do, but I don’t really get to spend time with her because she the hostess AND I just don’t feel like being around a bunch of half drunk overfed folks.  The mister wants to go but I’m trying to downplay it so the week end passes without us making the trip.

Is it wrong I don’t want to spend time talking with someone because all they talk about are their kids?  That shit irks the hell out of me.  I tell myself if I were truly a good friend I would tell this person to get a life, but this person seems really content to live through their child (or maybe it’s all a front).  Maybe I’m jealous, but I don’t feel it’s jealousy I feel it’s about wanting to have conversation about GROWN UP  shit and not have to get an report on a child’s life. *sigh*  I’m a bitch.

I’m trying to make it through this semester, getting ready for pre-boards testing which I’m told is actually MORE difficult than the licensing exam itself…JOY of joys!  LOL.


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