School has started.  Meh.  I think my period may be due because I’m just MEH…and more meh.  I went to court  to OFFICIALLY change my name…I now have one of the longest legal name in history…and I’m alright with that.

BL has found something (someone) to make his heart smile and I am truly happy for him.  I felt some pressure release.  I did lose my shit for about 6 minutes but I know we can now get back to the task at hand.  A friendship so strong and so true it sees you through the rough shit and laughs with you through the good.

I had to go hunt down the teenager, he went off the radar and I was worried a bit.  He’s fine, just being a typical teenage asshole I suppose (fucker).

Things on the home front are moving along.  We are about to put the house on the market, if we can EVER get off our asses and get stuff moved out and cleaned up.  We still have no idea where we are going…I keep thinking as long as we don’t know…there is hope it’s some place warm and east coast.

I’m working on the Oncology floor this semester, actually looking forward to it.  Hoping I don’t cry AGAIN during clinical.  *sigh*


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