I think BL wanted to shock me.

He’s divorcing his wife.  I have to say that I am shocked.  I know that he loves his kids beyond measure, but things have been bad for almost a decade.  I didn’t get the details, but I asked the questions…why now…why now…why now?

I’m not sure he’s going to respond to my questions.  We have been silent for a while now.  I send periodic e-mails and ask how his time away from home is going, nothing too deep or too wide.

Maybe it’s the distance that has given him clarity.  Maybe he just wants peace.  I can totally understand that.  I envy his strength, but I also understand there may be things going on that I am not aware of.  I know BL believes in love and I know he’s a romantic, he wants that in his life.  I hope this move gives him the peace he’s been longing and aching for.


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