I’m not sure what you’re suppose to do when love is not enough.  It is possible to love someone and not trust them.

What is love without trust?

What happens when you can’t love enough to get you to a place of peace and comfort?

What happens when you find you are not strong enough to mend your own broken heart?

What happens when much of what you feel is contradictory to trusting the person who is suppose to keep your heart safe?

I can’t say I don’t love the mister, I love him.  The most important part of that is what comes after the “but”…I love him but I can’t/won’t step out on faith for him.  It depresses me that I don’t have that in me.  I have many flaws and trusting is one of them.  It takes me YEARS to trust people and once that trust is abused there is really no redemption.  I know in life there are missteps I don’t expect perfection.  I do expect loyalty and enough of it to make sure those you love don’t get maimed in the process.

I know what I need to do, I’m just not ready to do it.


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