Rainy Parades


The mister has gotten his school date…it is right before the beginning of MY final semester…the KILLER semester (I feel they have all been killer, but I’m told I ain’t seen nothin’ yet )  He will be gone for almost 2 months and I’m trying not to resent that fact that HIS dream is stepping all over MINE.  I know he wants this, but I have struggled in school and I’m afraid of having the full responsibility of the house on my shoulders when it’s crunch time.

I want him to take the kids when he’s finished with school, BUT is it best to pull them out with just 2months left in the school year.  I have to stay in the books so I can pass my licensing exam in May 2011.  Not sure I can/want to do that with the full weight of life on top of me.  *sigh*

We haven’t discussed much of this because this is all so new, but I’m starting to feel a little boxed in.  I feel like he’s rained all over my parade and I’m raining all over his.


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  1. I was leaning one way on thiis post until I got to the last line. Good for you for realizing that you both have *parades* going on. It will all work itself out…you kow this, it always does.=o) Love you much…you can do it!!!! You come soooo damn far!!! Keep on, keeping on.

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