Whatchu call me?


The mister and I discussed my name change…the one I blogged about here


I addressed the issue just as the therapist told me to address the things I’m feeling.  I told him WHY it was important for me to change it; my grandfather who died in January WANTED me to have HIS last name.  My father wanted me to carry his last name.  I want to have my father’s name.  It has always been important to me.  I just never even thought about changing my name legally until the past year or so.

The mister is/was under the misconception that the name change is about being independent from him.  I gently explained it’s about being who I have felt I have been for all of my life, but had no LEGAL claim to for years.

I told him this is my history and it wasn’t an attack on him as a man or husband.  I told him when he got married he wasn’t expected to give up his name and I told him I don’t want to give up who I have been for all of my life I just want to add to it.  To complete this circle.

I hope he understood, he claims he does.

We shall see.


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  1. I atually commented on that other post.=o) At this time though, I don’t see where it can hurt. He will be fine with it. Now, if you suddenly decide to drop your (now) last name, you might have some issues from the other half. Soooo, when you go to fill out the paperwork, don’t forget to add your (now) last name to the line as well.=o)

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