Monday Appreciation


1)  I am appreciative of God’s continuing love for me and my family.

2) I’m appreciative of having a good therapist who will help me on my journey of emotional healing.

3) I’m appreciative of my job, I really needed to help the mister in a financial way.  It’s working wonders for my self-worth.

4) I’m appreciative of the good insurance we have, it makes living easier when we know an illness will not destroy us financially

5) I’m appreciative of the friends(online and IRL) I have in my life (the good and not so good ones).

6) I’m appreciative for my Auntie G, for her prayers and her love.  For her mothering and guidance.

7) I am appreciative for the mister, even with all the tough times I am blessed that he is mine.

8 ) I’m appreciative of womanhood, I feel I have finally become a grown woman and it feels really good.

9) I’m appreciative for, finding this site has opened me up into so many different worlds.  Even in the worst times I know I can find sisterhood there.

10)  I’m appreciative of life, living it, surviving it, exploring it.  I am so very blessed


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  2. I love! I am probably the only white girl that has ever read there.. but it’s where I went before my girls came home, so that I could learn about their and (eventually) explore all the different ways to start locs.

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