Or could be…


OR. (Just offering an alternate theory) it could be that he is your complement. The yin to your yang, so to speak. Just like in the Princess and the Frog! You are Princess Tiana and you work and work and work, and he is Prince Naveen, who goofs off and has fun all the time. Maybe it is your role to help him learn to work harder, and his role to help you learn to relax and enjoy life more.

Just saying.

That makes really good sense.  The only problem is I’ve been trying to pin him down on a 1yr plan for a little bit now and I’m just tired of feeling like I have to “mother” him into our future together.  I get that it’s scary to think of the life changes that are coming up soon (retirement in 4yrs…school…kids starting to drive…etc) but NOT dealing and/or planning doesn’t help the situation.

I will continue to talk with him (trying not to talk at him) but I have to admit it makes me look at him in a different light.

He’s had the whole summer free…not ONE class was taken no self improvement and he has no plans to sign up for any.  Nada!

I’m trying to get him to see that doing 20yrs in the military is not a guarantee of civilian success.  I want him to see he needs a plan, he needs to prepare.

He says he needs some solid advice on his next career move, but he has made NO effort to seek out that advice.  It’s not going to come knocking on our door.  This is the kind of nonsense that burns my ass!



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  1. Well.. it made for a pretty fairy tale! 😉

    Of course theory #2 is that he is in the middle of The Selfish Male Midlife Crisis.

    In which case, I don’t know what to tell you. Except that I love you and I’m here for you. Get thyself to the gym and get your Serena Obama out on the track so you don’t kill the man. xoxo

  2. Sometimes, just sometimes, you attract people to seeing your way when you dont tell them or steer them. When you just be whole and happy and focused yourself, people that are for you are attracted to that and sometimes emulate that. Or they dont. But the end result is that you’re whole, happy, and focused yourself.

    I can imagine how stressful your situation must be because you all have been doing this for a long while. But maybe the lesson he’s demonstrating is to continue taking care of YOU.

  3. Thanx ladies. We will we have a “come to Poetry” meetin’ real soon. He has made the decision to apply for a different job. I’m holding him to that.

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