Beauty was her name


I’m not an attention whore.  I’m not one of those people who lives for the spotlight.

I am a lover of words.  They touch me in a way that takes my breath away.

I talk to BL on video chat every once and a great while.  We don’t talk often and that’s fine with me.  There are times I see he’s online and I immediately log out.  I’m not trying to talk to him more than a few times per month.  I’m comfortable with that.

I surprised him with my webcam capabilities.  He’s a computer geek and thought it was quite foreign I didn’t have a web cam.  So when I got my  new Mac I gladly turned on the cam so we could chat.  He’s away from home feeling lonely.  We talked and joked and kept it light.  I perched on the couch and happen to move my locs to one side to get them out of the way.  I saw a look on his face from his web cam and I asked him what was wrong.  His answer…there are times when I look at you and I’m caught off guard by your beauty, you are so very pretty.  I almost started to cry but I didn’t want him to worry about me and I knew my tears would affect him.

I married someone I loved.  I also married someone who uses few words.  I try never to take his words for granted, he is truly a man of few pretty words.

I like to tell myself it doesn’t matter he doesn’t tell me I’m beautiful, but I know some where in my heart it does.

No man marries a woman he thinks is a mud duck (ugly) but it would be nice to hear/see when he looks at me his heart still skips a beat.


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  1. I was not going to comment, but we’re family so here goes.=o) The only comment that I have is, I wonder if his wife is taking note or crying because he has not told her how beautiful SHE is. Is it easier to tell someone else what they want to hear? Beauty was her name, but Beauty begins at home too. Thoughts?

  2. Girl you know we are >< here. I know he's not telling her NATHIN' good. Game recognize game. I would love for "beauty" to begin at home…MY HOME! LOL! That's all I'm saying.

    Your reasoning is one of the many reasons he was sent on his way.

  3. I was just saying…I am glad that it made sense to you too.=o) Its all good but if he was yours, would he tell you then? Enough said…

  4. Yeah I think he would…he’s a WORDS person I married a DEEDS person …But that’s it I don’t want HIM to tell me…I want MINE to tell me. *sad face*

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