Could be


When I visited ChiRod we talked about me and the mister.  She told me  she didn’t see me and the mister for the long haul.  She didn’t mean any harm, she has know the mister for almost as long as I have.

She simply made the observation that she sees me as a driven person.  Someone who wants to strive for better things.  I hadn’t actually looked at myself as driven, I just do what I feel I need to do.

It would seem that the mister is content to float through this point in his life.  I truly feel at times that he can’t see beyond his current career situation.  He’s not striving for anything more than what he has right now.

I think this is what happens when you get married when you are too young and in love.  You may not see the whole picture.

Once upon a time the mister talked a good game about going to school.  I have ALWAYS supported that plan.  Tried to help him in anyway that I could.  Sometimes even doing the work for him.  I stopped doing that years ago.  Truthfully he hasn’t made much more progress with getting/completing his education.

He is coming to the end of his first career and seems to be stuck.  Which is driving me a little bit batty.  I’m trying to get him on a 3yr and a 5yr plan.  It would seem right now his plan is to find a job (not a career) and let me be the primary breadwinner once I finish this degree.

I’m not comfortable with that.  I strive for security in my life and the life of my family. I feel like he’s not thinking long term, I can’t stand that.  I can’t stand the fact that he’s willing to stand on my shoulders and do little to further his own future.

Mayhaps ChiRod was more right then I really want to admit.


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  1. OR. (Just offering an alternate theory) it could be that he is your complement. The yin to your yang, so to speak. Just like in the Princess and the Frog! You are Princess Tiana and you work and work and work, and he is Prince Naveen, who goofs off and has fun all the time. Maybe it is your role to help him learn to work harder, and his role to help you learn to relax and enjoy life more.

    Just saying.


  2. Dang…she made a lot of sense!!! Go Corey!=o) I don’t even remember what I was going to type.

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