It is not my right to tell you I miss you.  I want to spill it all and tell the truth.  I miss you.  I miss being your very best friend.  I miss accepting it is what it is.

I can no longer be completely honest because I know the angst and pain that follows.

I don’t want to be that person anymore, but I long to feel those feelings.

I want to close my eyes and be transported to the moments that are real and filled with love.

But I will sit here and write, I will drink and eventually forget.

I know I can not love you the way you deserve.  I know I can not do the love you feel the justice it requires.

I sit silent and longing.

It’s not everyday, but it’s enough to make me ache for you.

Ache for you inside of me in every way


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  1. I hope that you allow the person to read this prose. It definitely gives a moving effect. Well said. I have been there myself.

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