Being spoiled is a disease


We can’t all be the “drunk guy at the party”, meaning someone has to be responsible for keeping shit on the up and up.

The mister and I are fighting about $$$ he wants to spend a good amount of  it on a new toy and I’m not even thinking about spending that kind of money on anything right now.

If it were a new toy for me he wouldn’t even discuss it.  Hence the reason he doesn’t want to discuss my plan to get “new tittays” (a reduction and a lift in the next year)  My plan is to use our insurance (military insurance) for the whole thing.

We argued about the kids and how the younger ones get away with things J never would have. He then told me he thought Jah passing 4th grade is equivalent to J graduating H.S.  How we bought J a new laptop when he didn’t deserve it (which was the mister’s idea to begin with *sigh*).  I say a laptop for graduation is a great gift even if J was a shit about staying on task and keeping his grades up.  HE GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL!  That’s a big deal in my book!  He even bitched about the party we threw J for graduation.  Hell that party was MOSTLY for me/us… we did good getting that child out of H.S. and I felt like we ALL deserved a partay!

The argument was all over the map.

I was told I am a dream killer and that he singlehandedly help Jah pass the 4th grade. He did THAT on his own, because you know I was just helping Syd (who kicks ass in school for the most part) and sitting around with my thumb up my ass.

So he will spend the money because that is what he does.  I will try to think of ways not to resent him for being a spoiled fucking brat.

There are plenty of things I would love to spend thousands of $$$ on.  Things I fancy.



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