All me


It was your day…as ChiRod and I sat at the bar having some adult time I asked her if I should even acknowledge you on this day.

She told me to be the bigger person and simply make a brief phone call and keep on moving.

I did just that.  In the moments of hearing your voice I knew I had done the right thing making that call.  You fell over yourself trying to apologize trying to get me to believe you didn’t mean what you had written.  I was so calm and sure of who I have become I simply repeated birthday wishes as you asked about the family and my life now.

Oh now you want to know?  Really?  Truly?  I just had to smile because while many of your words I had heard before.  I am no longer THAT person.  This is who I strived to be all along.  She is finally here, the me that is safe from the heartache of you.

As I hung up the phone it wasn’t lost on me that you seem realize it ain’t you anymore…it’s me.  All me.


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  1. Good deal.

    I can honestly admit that when a woman reaches this point there is nothing that a man can say nor do. He would only hinder the woman.

    As I have personally learned. *sigh*

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