Randomness before I hit the road!


Yep this is going to be plenty random

I have a pimple on my butt cheek and it hurts

I think Alicia Keys is a skank for messing with and getting preggers by a married man, but I so understand the attraction of the forbidden but I will still continue to dislike her skankiness *shrug*

I think my depression is coming back

I haven’t worked out in over a month…Serena Obama?  More like Oprah O’donnell  *meh*

I don’t want to go back to school I like summer vacay

Always question your doctors and nurses and I mean always.  Make them answer your questions don’t just take their word for it…trust me on this one

I’m tried of hearing about Natalie Hollaway(?) (the white chick that went missing in Aruba)  No shade to her family but I’m sick to death of missing/dead white wimmenz getting international shine.  Brown folks can’t even get a fucking honorable mention *sigh*

My sex drive is still missing, this deadness of wanting lovin’ is getting mighty old

Guess who’s getting a Mac?  Yeppers! Me!  Any advice is appreciated!

They totaled out the mister motorcycle…we are now sticking to 4 wheels.   *YAY*

The medical folks think the mister may have MRSA!  *EWWW and YUCK*

Why did that mofo wash his busted up foot in MY sink…why did he act all butthurt when I promptly sanitized said sink with a bleach solution?  Hell I’m trying to be a medical profession, I ain’t fucking with MRSA, she’s a bad bitch!

I’m on my way to the city!  Maybe even to a real mall.  *Joy*

I still haven’t talked to my mother my heart still hurts…I keep asking myself what I’m getting out of being so silent and angry…still working on that one

My dad wants to spend time with my kids this summer

At times I feel like my brothers shouldn’t exist

I need a pedicure!

I love the mister and I’m happy we are still together (mark this day!  LOL)

The mister has to go to wound care for his busted yucky foot

I bought my mom a birthday card…I need to send it to her *sigh*

Why don’t all women get tested for STDs at their annual exam…if you’re fucking (even if you’re married) you’re still at risk.  I’m just saying.

Seems BL has dropped off the planet, at the moment(and beyond) I’m cool with that

Not sure if I’m going to wish G a happy birthday *hmmm*


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